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As an Ordinary Member of A.I.T.I., I apply the following terms and conditions:
- The translation must be commissioned with a letter of assignment or equivalent that specifies the amount due as well as the deadlines for delivery and for payment. The source text must be complete and legible, accompanied by all available reference material.
- The translator is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the customerís documents.
- The invoice must include the 4% INPS contribution payable by the customer as per Art. 1 subparagraph 212 of Italian law 662/96 (this solution applies to Italian clients).
- Payment is due at the time of delivery or receipt of the invoice or equivalent, and under no circumstances later than 30 days after delivery. After such deadline, overdue interest will be charged pursuant to Art. 51 of Italian Law 231 of 9 October 2002. For large translations, the translator will receive an advance on the agreed amount.
- If the translator is unable to execute the assignment due to documented reasons of force majeure, he/she may relinquish the assignment without being liable for any damages.
- The translator will be paid a cancellation penalty of 10% of the total agreed amount for assignments conferred and subsequently cancelled by the customer. The already translated text will be transmitted to the customer and must be paid in full.
- Any complaints must be presented no later than 30 days after the delivery date.

from English to Italian
and from German to Italian

Business, legal, economic
EU legislation and regulations, Medicine, pharmacology, dentistry, Technical and scientific texts,
other subjects as agreed





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